Always ahead – fighting for the best realism possible

The ///M Power performance in flight simulation systems design:

  • Engineered to Order / Built to Order the industry fastest, cutting edge performance Laminars Research X–Plane 11 fine-tuned overclocked computer systems
  • Custom designed hardware calibrated visual systems for optimal aviation performance:
    • The highest contrast ratio displays
    • High Dynamic Range luminance (HDR)
    • 12K+ (25 mil pixels, up to 85fps) multi-monitor system display resolution with pixels so small, you’ll never see from the working distance. The visual system unparalleled realism guarantees the maximum visual immersion available today. It’s actually higher resolution and more lifelike than in multi-million dollars simulators. Our visuals look even better than from behind the canopy
  • Consulting services

The top quality sound services (since 1988):

  • Sound pre-production consulting (microphone selection, polar pattern selection, microphone techniques, recorder selection, 24bit, 96/192kHz, choosing proper center rpm/N1 values, managing the wide sound dynamic range, coping with huge SPL)
  • Recording (stereo, multichannel, 3D immersive recordings)
  • Editing (seamless looping creation, dynamic pitch shifting, short sample lengthening etc)
  • Post-processing (advanced sound restoration, EQ, filtering, advanced sound extraction, infrasound extraction/generation for vibration devices, processing for cone generation etc.)

Our clients:

  • The top Red Bull Air Race pilots
  • FAA/EASA flight navigation and procedure training devices manufacturers
  • The Aviation Training Operators
  • Flight Schools
  • Drone Schools
  • Private flight simulation cockpit owners
  • The X-Plane airplane designers
  • The X-Plane assets designers


“This makes real life look fake” – Andy Mondejar


“I need a PC capable of handling that set up. Absolutely amazing!” N. Scott


“Wow and I cant even get 45 fps in vr with the 1080…” – BubBle


“Hugh…that’s amazing. I’d pay to fly this build.^^ Well, seriously. Put this thing on a truck and move to every flight show you can get on weekends.” – Rantanplan 178


“Incredible… hands down the best visual representation I have seen projected on monitors. Thank you for sharing…” – 


“Wow! Impressive! Amazing! The most realistic flight simulator I ever saw!” – Marcos Silva


I could hardly believe my eyes! it’s beyond fantastic. I would love to see video showing a Cessna 172 doing circuits and bumps innsbruck. Congratulations on your wonderful achievement.” – John Price


Awesome. Beautiful & smooth visual. You just raised the bar for my next sim. Thanks.” – Russ Barlow


Sir my Hat is off to you… My Jaw is still on the floor…. Great Job at making me Jealous !!!” – sklote1964


omg if i had that.i never get out of my home.” –Zolboo zolboo


I cry myself to sleep watching this” – Rocky Jet Melendez


“Wow!! Best Sim I’ve ever seen!!” – Grant M.